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40 oz. Old Cavendish Fruitcake


Cavendish Fruitcake is bursting with fruits and nuts, sweetened with Vermont honey and held together with just enough  flour and spices and of course generous amounts of liqueurs.  The fruit is unblemished and unsulphured and the nuts plentiful and unsalted.  We use real fruit, none of  that red and green stuff found in other fruitcakes.  You receive two and a half pounds of fruitcake goodness packaged in a round red gift tin.

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All Cavendish Fruitcake freezes well, otherwise please keep it in a cool spot.

“Your cake is excellent.  I wish I was as well preserved and delicious.  I should keep eating it!”

P. Thompson

unsulphured apricots, honey, eggs, raisins, prunes, cashews, walnuts, dates, butter, flour, orange juice, orange liqueur, brandy, cream, lemon juice, spices, baking powder.

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