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About Us

Located in the heart of Vermont, we’ve been a family run business since 1986.  In pursuit of something delicious, nutritious and shippable to friends all over Canada and the United States, we made our first fruitcakes as gifts even before 1986.  Those lucky recipients encouraged us to keep making more and with the help of our daughter,  Andy’s Mom and Mary’s sisters, we have baked and perfected our singular Cavendish Fruitcake. 

Once we got into biking in beautiful Vermont, we needed a granola bar to keep us climbing the hills.  After lots of attempts we made what we think is the best Granola Bar ever,  the MonkeyChew Granola Bar.

We eat and enjoy everything we make so you can trust in the slow food, nourishing quality of our fruitcakes, zippy mustard and energy building granola bars.  

Old Cavendish Products

Making the world smile, one chew at a time.

Sample our fruitcake at Inn Victoria’s High Tea   www.innvictoria.com