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*How long will my fruitcake keep?
Your Old Cavendish Fruitcake will keep as long as you can resist eating it,  if you keep it wrapped and stored in a cool place.  It also freezes well and some customers even slice the cake before freezing, so they can nibble at will!

*May I send  gifts?
Certainly.  Send us your gift list, we will ship every cake at the time you specify and include a personalized gift card.

*May I preorder?
Take the stress out of shopping and we will take care of the rest.  Email or call with your request.  We can arrange regular deliveries of our  MonkeyChew granola bars and our Fruitcakes to meet your needs.

*Corporate gifts?
Fruitcakes or MonkeyChew Bars for your company?  Sure, we can supply foods that will surprise and delight your team in attractive gift baskets.

*Wedding Cakes?
Add another surprise to your wedding day plans by including our delicious Cavendish Fruitcake.  We can make a cake to order, one layer or several,  ship it to your preferred bakery where you can have it decorated in the most imaginative style.