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Gluten Free MonkeyChew Bar


Gluten Free MonkeyChew Granola Bar

So many people have difficulty digesting wheat based foods, we decided to create a Gluten Free version of our chewy MonkeyChew Granola Bars. The best Gluten Free oats we could find are from Colorado’s  Golden Prairie farm.  www.goldenprairie.com   A family owned farm with impeccable standards and a long dedication to exceeding the standards for gluten free, gmo free and organic production of oats and millet, check their website. To ensure regular testing and independent results, we get our bars tested by Bia Diagnostics confirming less than 5 ppm in our Gluten Free MonkeyChew Granola Bars. Other ingredients include Vermont honey, pepitas, flax seed, peanuts, peanut butter, raisins, dark chocolate, cranberries, , whey powder, sugar, banana chips, canola oil and brown rice flour. The result is a  moist, flavor rich, high texture, energy packed granola bar!

“Just called to say I really, really like this one” C. Farrow   Mt. Holly, Vermont



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